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Work for us

Use the translation tool (found in the upper bar) to read more about us and about working in the Åland´s health care, ÅHS.

Some practical details about working with us:


Working with patient contact requires vaccination coverage in accordance with Section 48 of the Infectious Diseases Act (FFS 1227/2016) 

You need to submit an application to Valvira to have your licence approved.

Read more about instructions for applying for professional rights at Valvira

Language test

ÅHS is an international workplace with employees from many countries. However, you need to submit a language test before you start with us if your native tongue is other than Swedish. Contact us and we'll tell you more!

See the contact form (in Swedish, use translation tool found in upper bar) With the contact form, you can submit an open expression of interest to work in Åland's health care.


ÅHS has a number of staff housing and can help to find housing.


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Living on the Åland islands

Åland is admittedly small, but the society is active and the welfare system is well developed. In addition, commuting distances are short and nature is close. Families with children do value and appreciate the safe community, guaranteed place in childcare and the small groups at daycare centers and schools.

You will find an abundance of active associations covering everything from football and gymnastics to theatre, dance and music. The cultural and entertainment scene is buzzing with activity, especially during the summer when festivals such as Rockoff and Åland's Sea Days fill the events calendar.

Åland also has a large selection of different activities. Golf, sailing, cross-country skating, swimming and modern gyms to name a few. The possibilities are almost unlimited. In addition, Stockholm is only four hours away. You can leave in the morning and be home again by night.

But maybe the best activity is doing absolutely nothing? On Åland, you have time to spend quality time with family or friends and enjoy the harmonious existence in our beautiful archipelago community.

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